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GCSE Retake

If you have not performed well in your GCSE examinations, the retake option is there. Lansdowne College International in London has an impressive track record of helping students achieve excellence in GCSE retakes, enabling them to pursue courses of their choice in higher education.

GCSE Retakes GCSE Retakes

Every year students with who have not achieved the GCSE grades they require join us and improve on their results. This shows what can be done if students are determined to improve their grades and they are provided with the right support as well. Students benefit from small group teaching, structured revision, preparation programmes and mock exams. Subject content is taught, retaught and practical work redone. We make sure that students are mentally conditioned to take their exams.

GCSE Retakes: Examination Practice

GCSE retake students need a different study focus to students appearing for A Levels and first time GCSE exams. We offer all GCSE students examination practice periods where a major focus is in on preparing for and sitting exams under exam conditions, covering weak areas and building up confidence to answer examination questions.

Revision and Exam Technique

A major portion of our preparation goes on revision methods. We focus on how much time a student is spending on each question and on the best techniques for their exams.

Small Class Sizes

With small class sizes, we ensure that individual attention is paid to students. Teachers are able to understand the ability and weakness of each student, which further contributes to a better study environment.

We provide students with an opportunity to catch up on what they have missed and improve their GCSE grades. We can put students back on the right track.